Abide Women’s Health Services

About Abide Women’s Health Services

If you or someone you know is in need of women’s health material resources such as diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene products, breastfeeding equipment, baby clothing, etc please contact us at info@abidewomen.org or call 972-474-6311 to schedule an appointment for pick-up or delivery. A limited supply of cloth medical masks are available to birth workers such as midwives and doulas who are providing essential care during this crisis. Abide offers free virtual Baby cafe every Tuesday from 10am-12pm for breastfeeding support. We prioritize black women, South Dallas residents, and birth workers such as midwives and doulas but do not have zip code restrictions. Abide is also accepting donations of all of the above listed material items if you have extra or you may order from our wish list online.

We believe that the more a person knows about physiological birth, the more empowered they become in taking ownership of their bodies to make decisions before, during and after birth. We provide free and culturally relevant community Childbirth Education trainings and resources for everyone who comes through our doors.

Free drop-in breastfeeding education and support facilitated by a qualified lactation consultant in a welcoming environment for all parents and families. We provide a safe place to ask questions, an infant scale for weight checks and light snacks.

We believe every mother should feel special during and after pregnancy. We also believe having essentials can ease the childbearing process both physically and emotionally. Our swag bags come with a variety of items such as sanitary napkins, breast pumps, nursing pads, candles, light snacks, teas, etc.

Pregnancy Testing
Fertility Awareness AKA “Let’s Talk Fertility” w/teens
Birth Companion Services
Expansion of Childbirth Education Classes