Heart Courage

About Heart Courage

We help parents with CPS cases.

Heart of Courage empowers mothers with children in foster care to unite their families and create a better future for both mother and child. We provide an array of services, such as education and advocacy, one on one mentoring, job readiness, educational services and community outreach. Mothers are empowered to create nurturing homes where their children can blossom. By giving hope and expanding awareness of life’s possibilities, Heart of Courage helps women who have lost custody of their children due to drug addiction, incarceration, domestic violence, mental health issues, domestic violence and even homelessness.

Court Advocacy – There are times where mothers need help in the court to reunite with their children. Our court advocacy programs provides support for mothers in the court.
Peer Mentoring – Mentors at Heart of Courage provides another layer of support for mothers during their journey. They help mothers reach their goals, overcome past challenges, find forgiveness, and more.
Career Coaching – A stable home can depend on mom’s full-time employment. We help mothers find career opportunities to provide for their families and bring a sense of accomplishment to their life. We provide in-depth career coaching for everyone, including people with felonies.
Community Outreach – Community Outreach includes educating the community about the foster care system and mothers sharing their personal experiences.We also like to partner with other community organizations to help break the cycle of children becoming a part of the foster care system. We know that it takes a community of services to help mothers rebuild their lives.