ilooklikeLOVE – Addressing Diaper Need in Dallas

About ilooklikeLOVE – Addressing Diaper Need in Dallas

Every baby deserves a clean diaper. Especially now. Local communities are experiencing devastating diaper shortages. Similar to the hoarding of toilet paper, the supply chain for diapers and wipes has not caught up with the demand. Some families no longer have the financial resources to purchase a sufficient diaper supply due to job loss. Others may have the financial means, but are traveling significant distances only to find very little to no inventory on the shelves. Once inventory is found, families often hoard what they find if they can afford it. These circumstances leave few options for the public at large and low-income families in particular. At ilooklikeLOVE, our goal is to provide greater access to diaper inventory and other baby essentials during the pandemic season in order to minimize the anxiety in households and lessen the possibility of diaper stretching (or the use of a diaper beyond capacity) and/or child abuse. As the only mobile diaper pantry in North Texas, ilooklikeLOVE distributed 104,209 diapers into the community last year. We are projecting double that amount will be necessary this year to address the need due to the pandemic.To better serve the community-at-large and the Southern sector in particular during this crisis, all of ilooklikeLOVE’s programming shifted to disaster recovery mode in March 2020. Our signature Diaper Day @ WIC events have been transformed to a drive-thru model in order to expand our reach. 370 families have been served since inception. From March to August, 300 to 500 families will receive 25 diapers and a pack of wipes as a part of our monthly “Diaper Day” events. During those same months, our existing Emergency Diaper Assistance Initiative will address extreme cases precipitated by homelessness, domestic violence, disability of the mother or child, kinship foster care, or unemployment in the past 30 days. Eligible families will receive 50 to 100 diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials on a case-by-case basis. Every day, babies are being born. Every day, diapers are need. Every dollar you give helps ilooklikeLOVE maintain operations, making the overlooked essential of diapers more accessible to little ones. Together, we can help them to not only survive the crisis, but thrive despite the crisis. Won’t you help?