Braswell Childcare Development Center

Braswell Child Development Center… Growing Great Minds!   

According to the Education Trust, “only 1 percent of Latino children and 4 percent of Black children were enrolled in high-quality state preschool programs.”  The need for these programs are essential in preparing youth for a successful future. Braswell Child Development Center (CDC) has been in existence in South Dallas for decades, offering a nationally accredited education for youth in preparation for elementary school. 

Braswell’s mission is to increase the value of early childhood education by providing an environment that enhances each child’s interest to learn and the ability to become an independent thinker through developmentally appropriate activities.

Braswell CDC provides childcare, from infant up to age 11 years in Dallas County. The programs offered include: 

  • Infant & Toddler care
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • A thriving after-school program


Muriel Webb, founder of Braswell CDC, believes that all children have the right to the best possible care, nurturing, and preparation for school regardless of their families economic, social, or educational attainment. With more than 40 years experience, Webb believes that the zip code should not be allowed to be the measuring stick for quality child care, or the commitment to provide the highest level of quality care to the children of South Dallas. The idea to expand into South Dallas became a reality during the spring of 1993.

“Some of the Braswell families were relocating to the southern sector of the city for economic relief and insisted that we follow and could hardly bear the fact that they would be forced to choose alternate care”, says Webb.


Braswell’s impact is remarkable. Braswell preschoolers are 85%-95% prepared for Kindergarten. In addition to a strong curriculum, a bilingual Pre-K program has been implemented. The hard work and dedication of the Braswell team has resulted in the organization’s success. Despite the challenges many childcare centers faced during COVID-19 including lay-offs and closures, the organization was able to maintain staff members while adjusting to decreased enrollment. 

Braswell will return to full enrollment in the Fall 2021.

Muriel Webb is committed to helping children realize their full potential and knows that a strong academic foundation is critical to assisting children become successful as they enter public school. 


The work isn’t easy in a community that faces significant challenges, especially limited high quality childcare facilities. Child care centers in communities such as South Dallas deal with the social and economic disparities their families face, creating barriers for parents and residents to perceive what they are unable to achieve. Because of barriers for affordable housing and transportation, the ability to adequately track children who move between child care providers becomes complicated.


As Braswell continues to grow, the center has ongoing needs that include support for expansion to serve more families, increased lighting around the building and property, and funding to provide living-wage employment for staff.  

Braswell’s commitment to the community

Over the years, Braswell assisted families through difficult times to continue their child’s care. The positive reputation of Braswell CDC and Muriel Webb is evident – the parents are now returning to Braswell bringing their grandchildren because of the confidence they have in Braswell CDC’s work, staff, and vision. 

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