Nonprofit organizations serving the communities of South Dallas, Fair Park, Oak Cliff, and Pleasant Grove

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A Chance to Learn

A Chance to Learn is dedicated to finding and providing solutions to enhance families through women empowerment and quality education for children.

Founded in 2011 to combat the issue of children entering kindergarten deficient in their academic skill set. At their inception they focused on building skills that were important for children 0 to 5 years old. Their comprehensive programs like the SMARTkid Camp promote high-quality school readiness, thus increasing all children’s chances of achieving future educational success and becoming productive members of society.

In 2016, due to the overwhelming need for parent engagement programs, A Chance to Learn launched its “Motivated Mom” and “A Parent’s Promise” platform to help moms become more engaged in their child (ren)’s education.
The Motivated Mom programs help moms live a life of purpose, fully engaged and financially free.

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Braswell Child Development Center

Braswell Child Development Center is on a mission to increase the value of early childhood education by providing an environment that enhances each child’s interest to learn and ability to become an independent thinker through developmentally appropriate activities. Braswell offers childcare, pre-school and before and after school care for students through the 5th grade attending neighborhood schools.Founded in 1994, Braswell meets the need for safe, affordable, yet educationally-based, quality child care for low-income families in South Dallas. Braswell Child Development Center (Braswell) is in the Frazier neighborhood adjacent to Fair Park. 50 percent of residents live in poverty, and 51 percent are unemployed ( nurture each child as an individual, helping them reach their greatest potential through fun, age-appropriate learning activities, teacher guided interactions and a quality curriculum. 95 percent of children that have attended Braswell for more than 12 months are on target for age appropriate learning activities and are ranked Kindergarten ready.Children who develop a love of learning and a strong foundation of academic, social and emotional skills are more likely to succeed in school and in life. The preschool classrooms at Braswell are designed to help each child explore math, science, creative expression and reading to prepare them for kindergarten. Without access to quality preschools, children are far less likely to be prepared to start kindergarten than their peers. In fact, racial and socioeconomic disparities in access to high-quality early education contribute to achievement gaps that are noticeable by the time children enter kindergarten.Braswell offers nationally accredited, quality learning programs that help children reach important development milestones. One hundred percent of staff are residents of South Dallas and sixty-five percent of them possess their early child certification through a partnership with Education al First Steps. The average tenure of our employees is 16 years.

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Cornerstone Baptist Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church is located in the South Dallas Fair Park community. However our services are not ZIP Code restricted. You may feel free to call 214-426-5468 to find out the days and times of the various services.

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FEED Oak Cliff

FEED Oak Cliff is a 501c3 organization comprised of dedicated volunteers working collaboratively to significantly impact or end the food deserts plaguing southern Dallas. Our goal is to ensure that all communities have access to quality, fresh and affordable food choices in their neighborhoods by recruiting, developing or building healthy community-based grocery markets or access points. Toward this end, we engage in on-going advocacy and community education.We provide education and awareness via our annual events, the Men’s Health Conference and the Dallas VegFest. The Men’s Health Conference provides educational offerings presented by experts on physical, mental and financial health to address issues often identified as stressors for men, and especially for men of color.The Dallas VegFest is our annual FREE festival celebrating nutrition, health and environment. This large community-based event features noted experts speaking on ways to improve health and lifestyle; enjoyable cooking demonstrations; a variety of fun fitness classes; children’s activities and a vast selection of vendors presenting an array of helpful wares. This event has grown to attract vendors and visitors from all over Texas and other states, in addition to serving the vast southern Dallas populous.

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Interfaith Family Services

How we are responding to the crisis: We’ve established a COVID-19 rent and utility assistance fund which will help provide financial assistance debt-negotiation support and job placement for those who have experienced lay-offs or reduced wages as a result of COVID-19. We’ve transitioned all of our Career and Financial Coaching Services to on-line.We’ve generated a list of 20 local companies that are hiring (the list is growing).We’ve remained open with our childcare center offering discounted childcare to First-Responders and Medical Professionals. We are also offering childcare for children 5 to 12 who are out of school.We continue to distribute food via the Food Pantry.

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Southern Dallas Progress

​The SOUTHERN DALLAS PROGRESS CDC’s mission is to empower, enable and support community members in their efforts to revitalize Southern Dallas communities and neighborhoods. SOUTHERN DALLAS PROGRESS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION serves as a vehicle through which residents and businesses can work together to solve problems and improve life in their community.

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St. Philip’s

St. Philip’s School and Community Center, founded as a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, acknowledges that next to God, an excellent education is the most effective means of developing human capital. As a school we provide an unparalleled exemplary college preparatory education fueled by a confluence of spirituality, self determination and service to others. As a Community Center we provide services and resources that assist families in enhancing their quality of life. We embrace the potential schools have to impact their neighborhoods through the provision and accessibility of compatible social services.

WE BELIEVE children and families have the right to a neighborhood that provides safety, opportunity and hope. Healthy neighborhoods create opportunity pathways for people of all backgrounds, improving well-being and providing access to quality housing, good schools, jobs and amenities.
– A person’s zip code is the most powerful single predictor of health and opportunity.
– Socio-economic and racial diversity provides cognitive, social and economic benefits for ALL children and families.
– Intergenerational neighborhoods—where people of different ages reside together—create safe, stable communities that support overall well-being.

Our Vision
A healthy, economically vibrant & diverse community that celebrates its rich history and provides opportunities for residents of all backgrounds to live, work, play and thrive.

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Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center

The mission of Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center is to help women veteran owned-businesses scale for success by establishing strategic alliances; leveraging public/private sector opportunities; advocating for relevant research, services and funding; while simultaneously providing the personal and professional resources they need to succeed.

Although the VWEC started with the mission of serving women veteran owned businesses, we have grown to recognize and support the needs of Entrepreneurs Women Associated with the Military (EWAM) inclusive of active duty, reservists, veteran, and female military spouse.

VWEC’s vision is to position EWAMs as our nation’s leading small business revenue generators and employers.

Founded in 2017 by Ms. VR Small, the VWEC is a national initiative launched in Southern Dallas, based on research and recommendations from the National Women’s Business Council, the Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development and the Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs related to programs for veteran women.

In alignment with its mission the VWEC developed a strategic alliance with the Homeless Veteran Services of Dallas, which manages the Veteran Resources Center for the VA to secure a 2,700-square-foot facility that includes modern executive co-working space, a conference/copy center, a café lounge, coded lockers and free parking, all of which works to establish a safe environment where EWAM can literally grow their businesses.

VWEC is the nation’s first and only state-of-the-art, brick-and-mortar facility dedicated to providing female exclusive executive co-working that is application-based, substantive, outcomes-oriented business services specifically for EWAM.

The VWEC is committed to providing specialized business development and growth support through individualized tailored training, customized coaching, and structured networking opportunities designed to build financial and social capital. The VWEC consistently provides critical technical assistance related to financial preparedness, access to capital, certifications, and contract opportunities. Instructional sessions are guided by external partnerships with industry leading subject matter experts in finance, marketing, technology, sales, and business management all foundational components of the thriving entrepreneur ecosystem designed by the VWEC.

Core values of the VWEC:

• Visionary – We believe in driving innovations, the strength of progressive collective planning and the ability to imagine the future and shape it into our reality.

• Women Helping Women – We proactively proclaim and act upon the fact that, collectively, women have the power and the resources to create any change we desire.

• Empowering – We believe in openly sharing our expertise and experiences in an engaging environment that empowers and promotes excellence in all our endeavors.

• Committed – Regardless of the challenges, we are committed to staying the course, providing advocacy, developing partnerships and offering services to ensure every WME has the tools and resources necessary to be truly self-sufficient contributors to their families, communities and our nation.

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WiNGS Dallas

CONVENIENT, INDIVIDUALIZED SUPPORTYou can schedule individualized support with a highly trained professional at your convenience there’s no long wait time on the phone or in-person. Everyone in the community is welcome you don’t have to be previously enrolled in WiNGS programming. It’s easy to access the help you need, at no cost, thanks to generous donors and funders. WiNGS (formerly The YWCA of Dallas) believes that empowering women to achieve their fullest potential has a multiplier effect on the families and communities around them. Our full suite of services is designed to help you soar. Our mentors and coaches are ready to walk alongside you on your path to success.WE ARE HERE FOR YOUThese are difficult times. You may be facing overwhelming stress in many areas of your life all at once.If your employer is in one of the many heavily affected industries, you may experience job loss, furlough, or significant reduction in hours. You may now wonder how you will get healthcare or get your prescription filled.If you are a small business, you are undoubtedly weighing very difficult decisions about how you pivot your business to continue serving customers, support your employees, handle your operating expenses, ensure your supply chains, and manage your cash flow.If you are a parent, you may be struggling with how to juggle childcare, your children’s needs, your job demands, and how you can keep your family safe and healthy.If you are like millions of Americans, you may be wondering how you will pay for rent, mortgage, bills, and student loans. You may struggle to obtain basic essentials for your family, like food, shelter, diapers, wipes, and more.Just like you, we don’t know when this will all end. In the meantime, the WiNGS team is working hard to help you make sense of it all with up to date resources and workshops coupled with what we do best individualized support to help you through your immediate and rapidly evolving challenges.CONVENIENT, INDIVIDUALIZED SUPPORTIt’s easy to access the help you need, at no cost, thanks to generous donors and funders. You can schedule individualized support with a highly trained professional at your convenience there’s no long wait time on the phone or in-person. Everyone in the community is welcome you don’t have to be previously enrolled in WiNGS programming.

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Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. Community Outreach Center

Zan Wesley Holmes Community Outreach Center is a nonprofit organization creating self-sustaining pathways out of poverty for young people and families in Dallas, Texas, through education and job placement. We create self-sustaining pathways out of poverty through training and placement of individuals within the electrical industry. Zan Wesley Holmes Community Outreach Center is a nonprofit organization creating self-sustaining pathways out of poverty for young people and families in Dallas, Texas, through education and job placement. Our classes provide individuals with on-the-job training, case management, and financial coaching. The program is background and gender friendly.

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