Stars United Global Outreach

About Stars United Global Outreach

Stars United Global Outreach has worked tirelessly to serve underprivileged youth in the Dallas community by delivering education on practical and critical skills that are mobilizing our youth to entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Our Blueprint for Success Program provides deep immersion in practical management, leadership, collaboration, and communication skills.

Stars United Global Outreach works with at-risk youth to deliver high-impact training by empowering, equipping, and mobilizing them to create social change and break barriers.

Through our programs and workshops, we develop our youth in life skills, leadership skills, and financial literacy with a keen focus on entrepreneurship & economic development. We also provide our students with strong mentors and positive role models. Our goal is to ensure that we create a positive atmosphere that leads to an increase in the quality of life for our youth & lead them in the best direction to make sound educational plans, career goals & become future leaders in their communities.

We believe in….
• Education
• Empowerment
• Community
• Collaboration