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About Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center

The mission of Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center is to help women veteran owned-businesses scale for success by establishing strategic alliances; leveraging public/private sector opportunities; advocating for relevant research, services and funding; while simultaneously providing the personal and professional resources they need to succeed.

Although the VWEC started with the mission of serving women veteran owned businesses, we have grown to recognize and support the needs of Entrepreneurs Women Associated with the Military (EWAM) inclusive of active duty, reservists, veteran, and female military spouse.

VWEC’s vision is to position EWAMs as our nation’s leading small business revenue generators and employers.

Founded in 2017 by Ms. VR Small, the VWEC is a national initiative launched in Southern Dallas, based on research and recommendations from the National Women’s Business Council, the Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development and the Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs related to programs for veteran women.

In alignment with its mission the VWEC developed a strategic alliance with the Homeless Veteran Services of Dallas, which manages the Veteran Resources Center for the VA to secure a 2,700-square-foot facility that includes modern executive co-working space, a conference/copy center, a café lounge, coded lockers and free parking, all of which works to establish a safe environment where EWAM can literally grow their businesses.

VWEC is the nation’s first and only state-of-the-art, brick-and-mortar facility dedicated to providing female exclusive executive co-working that is application-based, substantive, outcomes-oriented business services specifically for EWAM.

The VWEC is committed to providing specialized business development and growth support through individualized tailored training, customized coaching, and structured networking opportunities designed to build financial and social capital. The VWEC consistently provides critical technical assistance related to financial preparedness, access to capital, certifications, and contract opportunities. Instructional sessions are guided by external partnerships with industry leading subject matter experts in finance, marketing, technology, sales, and business management all foundational components of the thriving entrepreneur ecosystem designed by the VWEC.

Core values of the VWEC:

• Visionary – We believe in driving innovations, the strength of progressive collective planning and the ability to imagine the future and shape it into our reality.

• Women Helping Women – We proactively proclaim and act upon the fact that, collectively, women have the power and the resources to create any change we desire.

• Empowering – We believe in openly sharing our expertise and experiences in an engaging environment that empowers and promotes excellence in all our endeavors.

• Committed – Regardless of the challenges, we are committed to staying the course, providing advocacy, developing partnerships and offering services to ensure every WME has the tools and resources necessary to be truly self-sufficient contributors to their families, communities and our nation.