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About White’s Innovative School of Enrichment (W.I.S.E) Academy

W.I.S.E. Academy’s vision is to create a highly respected, rigorous learning environment that inspires and challenges suburban children to understand, interact, communicate and prepare for the future. This vision is created by building on the strengths of a diverse student population honoring the cultural backgrounds of students through a multicultural focus across all content areas with integrated support services for non-English speaking children, cultural enrichment and extended hours of education. All children are actively engaged in a responsive, meticulous, environment that considers all aspects of their physical and learning life. W.I.S.E. Academy is nationally accredited and very active in ChildCare Group and Educational First Steps.The Academy is open with redoubled cleaning efforts. Children and staff are screened for symptoms of COVID-19 each day upon arrival. The agency is striving to avoid layoffs, yet is losing two classrooms of revenue per month. W.I.S.E. needs of a forehead thermometer and Lysol cans, hand sanitizer, alcohol prep pads and disinfectants. The Academy’s aging computers have been used for enrichment activities and are running slow. Four will not even boot up. At least 5 new computers are needed to accommodate the 15-20 school age children who need to complete their school assignments.Link to our Amazon Wishlist: https://a.co/1DcK9c0